Year 2022 – 2020 

Web Design – UI/UX

Webdesign Portfolio

As a full-time employee web designer at Avocadot Web Design Sdn Bhd, a partner company of Be Broccoli Inspiration House Sdn Bhd and Dreamztech (M) Berhad, my main work is building websites such as company profile propose/e-commerce/ LMS systems for SME clients. As of today, my job role has involved the design and build more than twenty websites.

My Role as Web Designer:
Planning the Site
– Involves writing the website’s content and creating sitemap and wireframe.
Designing the Layout
– Before building the website, clients need to decide on two landing page designs from the web designer. Therefore, the designs should consider the website’s structure, layout, colours, fonts, and graphics.
Website Building (Joomlah SP Page builder, HTML, CSS)
– The web designer builds the site using the Joomla SP Page builder and completes it within 14 working days. The web designer requires the knowledge of HTML and CSS to customise the site.
Training Session
– After the website goes live, the web designer needs to conduct a training session with the client, which involves learning the CMS (Content Management System) of the website.

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